Beginning Technology, Inc

Beginnings Technology Inc. is home of the FlexiJector. We are a Precision Electromechanical Developer, performing design, protoype and testing

denso hpo

Max Output 1800mm3/revolution each outlet

3 600 mm3 pumping strokes each outlet

Rotation CW viewed from the drive end

Max Pressure 21,000 psi

Weight 34.44 lbm

Oil Lubricated

Pump is supposed to be capable of 8 liters /minute output. This would occur at around 2400 rpm.  We have operated it to 4 liters/minute output at 1200 rpm.

We have operated with JP4 and gasoline at reduced pressure (10000 psi) for a few hours without difficulty

Deere Part # RE501640

Deere Part # RE518423

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