Beginning Technology, Inc

Beginnings Technology Inc. is home of the FlexiJector. We are a Precision Electromechanical Developer, performing design, protoype and testing

BTI Products

injector drawingWe have developed several products for use in the testing and application of fuel injection systems.

shiny injectorIn an attempt to improve engines BTI has invented the FlexiJector™.  The FlexiJector™ is designed to directly inject fuel into the engine combustion chamber--diesel, gasoline, or whatever fluid you wish to burn. The instantaneous rate of fuel flow through the FlexiJector™ is dependent upon driver current and relatively independent of injection pressure (even at diesel pressures).  We have produced several protoypes and are now seeking development partners.

Some Specs:

Our controller for common rail injection systems has been instrumental in the development of several experimental engines.  It was designed for flexibility and is used in several systems which require two injectors to operate simultaneously or nearly simultaneously.  In addition to our microcontroller, we have the additional power and flexibility of a programmable logic device.

Customers who use our high pressure fuel supply skid focus their effort on the engine, not the fuel system.  We specialize in testing the feasibility of new engine concepts.  Turn on the skid and pressurized fuel is there. We use our skid routinely in our own shop to provide fuel for testing common rail injectors.