Beginning Technology, Inc

Beginnings Technology Inc. is home of the FlexiJector. We are a Precision Electromechanical Developer, performing design, protoype and testing

shiny injectorIn an attempt to improve engines BTI has invented the FlexiJector™.  The FlexiJector™ is designed to directly inject fuel into the engine combustion chamber--diesel, gasoline, or whatever fluid you wish to burn. The instantaneous rate of fuel flow through the FlexiJector™ is dependent upon driver current and relatively independent of injection pressure (even at diesel pressures).  We have produced several protoypes and are now seeking development partners.

Some Specs:

Type:  Variable Orifice (outwardly opening poppet)
 Common Rail
 Flow Rate:

Proportional to Current

Figure at right is actual data

 new picture
 Pressure:   Demonstrated to 12000 psi (820 bar)
 Designed to 25000 psi (1700 bar)

Mass 33 gm

Length 50 mm

Diameter 16 mm (without nut)

Installation Nut 22 mm Diameter

 Spray Pattern

 Can be designed per application

Picture at right is photograph of one pattern

 new picture (1)