Beginning Technology, Inc

Beginnings Technology Inc. is home of the FlexiJector. We are a Precision Electromechanical Developer, performing design, protoype and testing

Our controller for common rail injection systems has been instrumental in the development of several experimental engines.  It was designed for flexibility and is used in several systems which require two injectors to operate simultaneously or nearly simultaneously.  In addition to our microcontroller, we have the additional power and flexibility of a programmable logic device.

electroniccontrolsHardware Features:

  • Three Power Converters
  • 10 Configurable Drivers capable of 40 amp pull in and 20 amp hold.
  • Two Current Regulating Circuits
  • 8 Isolated Digital Inputs
  • 8 Analog Inputs
  • 6 Isolated Digital Outputs (50 ma)
  • 2 Isolated Digital Outputs (500 ma)
  • Robust and Vibration Resistant
  • RS232 Communications



Software Features:electronic controls

  • Pilot and Main Injections
  • Software can communicate with data acquisition system over UDP
  • Isochronous Governing or Torque Control
  • Fuel Limit Tables
  • Timing Tables
  • Pressure Tables

All functions can be set up to operate from knobs, allowing easy investigation of the engine requirements.