Beginning Technology, Inc

Beginnings Technology Inc. is home of the FlexiJector. We are a Precision Electromechanical Developer, performing design, protoype and testing

Rate Measurement

As you know, injector performance is more than just the overall quantity of fuel that is injected.  In addition to measuring flow volume, we can measure the instantaneous rate of injection.  The trace above is a sample of the information we can provide about your injectors.  We can also perform photographic tests to measure the beginning and end of injection and to document the spray pattern. Our experience includes measuring the injection rate in small injectors having a single 0.006" orifice and very low injection rates, as well as in larger injectors with above 300 mm3/injection.

Do you need information about your injector tolerances?  We have the flexibility to vary the solenoid actuation voltage and current. We can actuate the injectors multiple times with short intervals between and observe the response on our rate measuring equipment.  We are familiar with statistical experimental designs (Taguchi Method) and can apply these to improving your injector performance.