Beginning Technology, Inc.

Beginning Technology, Inc

Beginning Technology

Precision Electromechanical Development; Design, Prototype, Test

Beginnings Technology Inc. was founded in 1992 to support the engine research community with state of the art fuel injection systems.

We have since accumulated a lot of capability for machining, developing, and testing complex electro-mechanicial systems.

Access to portions of this site is restricted to contributors.  You can become a contributor by using the contact form to request and invitation to register, then again use the contact form to send helpful technical information which we can post.  Once we have received and posted your contribution, then we will upgrade your status to contributor so that you can view the whole site.  Please become a contributor now.

Your contribution can be something simple like a photograph of a particularly small or large common rail injector along with a vendor and part number which we can use to purchase it.  If you can add information like the number and size of spray holes or the maximum fuel delivery, that is even better.  Pictures of hardware should have a ruler or some other item which allows the viewer to get perspective about the size of the part.  Please make sure that you have a legal right to post the information on the Web.

This web site features information mostly related to fuel injection.