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Why are the best diesels only at 45% efficiency when Carnot efficiency is above 85%?

We think we have some answers and are working on proving them.

Our Principal, Andrew E. Meyer has been involved in the analysis, design, and development of engines since graduating from Princeton University in 1981. He started his career as an applications engineer, applying fuel injection systems to diesel engines at Stanadyne Diesel Systems. He then moved to United Technologies Diesel Systems (AMBAC) where he quickly moved into design and later into analysis. At AMBAC he was also involved in the development of simulation capabilities for the fuel injection equipment.
Mr. Meyer was assigned to the development of high-speed fuel injection systems for the John Deere Rotary Engine Division, and eight months later moved to John Deere full time. He spent six years at John Deere and later at Rotary Power International Inc. developing rotary engines and related accessories including fuel injection systems and turbochargers.  Work included a then-state-of-the-art high speed electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system which is described in SAE paper 940452.

Mr. Meyer founded Beginnings Technology Inc. (BTI) in 1992. He has received several patents for fuel injection equipment improvements.

 Patents Sole Inventor: 

  • 4967796 for a rotary valve fuel injection system (before CR became common).
  • 6439483 Variable Orifice Electronically Controlled Common Rail Injector
  • 7942349  FlexiJector

Patents Contributing Inventor:

  • 8,028,930
  • 7,918,211
  • 7,744,015
  • 7,735,751
  • 7,424,883