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Beginning Technology

We have customers who are fortune 500 companies not currently in the fuel injection business.  They generally have lots of resources and well funded programs which need coordinating, but they lack fuel injection expertise.

The majority of our customers have less than 20 employees.  They have an engine design and a dream and motivation.  Often they have a very good understanding of engines, but they lack fuel injection, combustion, and controls expertise.  

 All of our customers are of a special breed–extremely motivated and intelligent people trying to do something which has never been done before.  They thrive on challenge and overcome all obstacles on the way to success.  For people like that, we enjoy going the extra mile.

On two occasions we had to pull all-nighters to get our clients up and running.  The second was the most dramatic—we received a call from our client about 3 pm saying the engine in their helicopter installation was not making adequate power.  After I found my wallet, I caught the airplane with the customer’s representative at 6, got to Florida around 9, and were out on the tarmac by 11—armed guards were everywhere and we were warned to never get separated from your escort.  As I recall the problem turned out to be a burned trace on a circuit board—we were able to bypass the trace and have them up and running for a successful 7am test flight. 

We haven’t had to pull an all nighter in several years because we’ve gotten better at what we do.  Our dedication to meeting your needs hasn’t changed.

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